Every once in a while we all feel the need to stop and recharge ourselves.  But in this fast paced world, that’s easier said than done. It sometimes seems almost impossible to totally let go…… unless, of course, you’re distracted.

Imagine a place so beautiful and serene that you can’t help but forget about everything else.  A place where the bugle of a bull elk, the call of a pileated woodpecker, or the trickle of water as it makes its way through a river shoal are the only sounds you hear.  A place where things move at a slower pace and “the majesty of God’s creation” couldn’t be any more evident.  That place is the Buffalo National River, and in the heart of it all is Foggy Hollow Cabin.
"View from the Buffalo River Trail"
Photo by John Moore
Foggy Hollow is located in Low Gap, AR between Ponca and Jasper, and sits on sixty acres overlooking beautiful Steel Creek Valley.
Whether you like to hike, canoe, or just enjoy the wildlife, Foggy Hollow is conveniently located to trailheads, outfitters, and the elk herd at Boxley Valley.
If you just need a place to relax and unwind, then look no further than Foggy Hollow cabin. It offers everything a cabin experience should including seclusion, a beautiful view, a wooded setting, a fire place for cold winter nights, and décor that provides a lodge like feel. The facilities will provide you with all the comforts of home, in a setting that will soothe your soul.
Photo by: John Keller
The elk herd, which can be viewed most evenings at Boxley Valley, is a short four mile drive down the hill. This is also a great place to watch the Trumpeter Swans at Mill Pond. Or, just walk out the front door and watch for deer and wild turkey, which are common throughout the year at Foggy Hollow. If you’re really lucky, you might even see the occasional black bear.
Photo by John Moore
Foggy Hollow is especially convenient for hikers, who can access the park on foot from the cabin. Our road leads to the park boundary a short distance from the cabin, where a trail begins and eventually connects to the Buffalo River Trail. It’s also a short drive to the Centerpoint, Compton, Hawksbill Crag, and Lost Valley Trailheads.
Photo by John Moore
Spring time view from the back porch

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